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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Visit to the Greenbelt with BDaddy

Today was one of those perfect Sunday afternoons.  After church, we met up with Mama and Daddy, just as we have for most Sundays since they've moved to Austin.  We ate lunch together as a family, then Daddy, Merrick, and I went off on an adventure to the Austin Greenbelt.  

The weather was amaaaaazing.  One of the first t-shirt days we've had since before winter.  

After a few minutes hike down the belt, where Merrick explored almost every area but the path, we came to a good spot to check out the stream.  There were lots of folks there, many with their dogs, all grateful to be fortunate enough to enjoy the riches of Austin nature. 

Daddy started to tell Merrick to dip his feet into the water, but before he could even get the words out of his mouth, Merrick just jumped right in.  It was hilarious.  He didn't even dip his toe in first to check out the temp of the water.  Which was freeeeezing, by the way.  Dad and I were shocked that Merrick not only withstood the cold, but didn't complain at all.  I won't say exactly what Merrick did when he first got into the water, or how brazenly he announced it.  I'll just say that I hope no one was drinking the water downstream of us.

Merrick was on cloud 9 all day.  He was high as a kite.  It was the best feeling in the world to watch him.  I loved being with my dad and am so grateful that my son gets to grow up making memories like this with his granddaddy.

Boys will be boys.  Merrick was eager as a beaver to splash any thing that moved.  Since I threatened him within an inch of his life, that meant he mostly splashed the heck out of BDaddy.

BDaddy got him back, though...

...and Merrick enjoyed every drop of it the revenge.

After a healthy dose of splashing, BDaddy tried to teach Merrick how to skip rocks.  Merrick didn't quite get the concept, but enjoyed the practice.

Afterward, Merrick dried out on the rocks.  This was so special to me because it reminded me of the times when I was younger and went to the North Carolina mountain streams with my dad.  I would lay out on the rocks and read for ever.

After a great afternoon on the Greenbelt, BDaddy took us for ice cream at Amy's.  Merrick got chocolate ice cream with gummy bears and m&ms mixed in.  The entire cup was then dipped in sprinkles.  It was every kid's dream and every parent's nightmare.  :)