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Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had such a great Father's Day this year. 

I was so grateful to come across this site, Tip Junkie, with tons and tons of Father's Day ideas.  I picked a couple of my favorite ideas and made them for Marcos:

This is Marcos's Father's Day card.  I made it on my computer using digital scrapbooking papers and elements.  Then, I printed it out the designs on regular paper and used spray adhesive to attach it to some pretty thick cardboard paper.  I got this idea from The Crafting Chicks.  She also shares her "DAD" template there.  

I also love finding free printables for every holiday.  It's so easy - just print it out and put it in a frame!

This is Marcos's present from me and the kiddos.  I could not wait to give it to him.  I let the kids draw all over the inside of some wrapping paper so that it was decorated just for him.

This project just turned out so-so.  I think I got the wrong kind of tie.  The original idea is here.  And, doing any kind of handprint project with 2 year olds is just...challenging.  Scoutie Girl ended up grabbing the tie instead of placing her hand on it.  When I put the fabric paint on Sawyer's hand, he acted like I was covered him with acid.  Still, Marcos really seemed to like their handprints.  A little embarrassed to wear the tie, perhaps, but he loved the handprints.  :)

This was one of my favorite little crafts this Father's Day.  Meet the iDad card!  I made this card for my big brother, who has three beautiful kiddos of his own.  He is an Apple addict.  Even his children have ipads of their own.  The tutorial for how to make it here

I loved seeing Marcos's face when he opened his present.  He was so surprised!

Several weeks back, Marcos completed his first tri-athlon.  Since the swim was a little more challenging for him than the bike and swim, he had mentioned getting a training snorkel.  I made a mental note of that and we got it for him!  (Can you believe this young buck has three children?!?)

Of course, what would a Father's Day be without a beautiful family portrait?!?  Yes, if you're wondering, this IS the best picture I was able to get of the four of them.  A picture I'm sure we'll treasure for years and years to come.  

I do like this sweet pic, though. 

My parents were out of town for the weekend, but we still went over to their house to spend time with my brother and his family who were staying there for the weekend.  I love, love, love when my children get to spend time with their cousins.

Merrick just adores his older, wiser cousin.  A-dores him!

We even dressed all the girls' in the same dress and took some pictures.  

Holding hands!

All in all, I think it was one of our favorite Father's Days yet.