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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Handmade Halloween Hope List

It's been a rough day.  I've got three sick kiddos, had to fill another $70 perscription (bye-bye fabric money), and have pancake flavored puke in my car.  My heart hurts for my children.  My nose and wallet are hurting pretty badly too.

However, I just got two outta three medicated munchkins down for the count, so I have a few moments to focus on something encouraging: my Handmade Halloween Hope List.  These are the things I hope to be able to make in the next week or two in order to have the most awesome Halloween decor ever.

One or two weeks, you say?!?  I know, I know...that's why it's called a "hope" list...not a "to do" list.

Normally, I would scour the internet looking for all sorts of  spooky decor ideas.  This year, however, Pottery Barn Kids did all the work for me.  They have such great ideas in their Autumn 2010 catalogue that I don't have to look any further (which is good, because I can use that extra time to de-odorize the car).  So, without further ado...here are a few pics of the things I hope to make while quarentined with sick babies:

I love the banner, the "Boo" letters, and black crows here.

It may be difficult to see, but I'm totally digging the painted white pumpkins with the black stars and spider.

Pumpkin laterns!  I think I might make a spider version of this.  Or, I might just buy these.  :)

Painted signs.  Sweet.  I love the idea of personalizing these to scare the snot out of my neighbors' kids.

What's up, cool cat?

Like the idea of making this then switching out the basket liner during Christmas.

Not sure if I'll have the time to make these.  But, if not, they're only $16 at PB!

That's it.  Now share your favorite handmade Halloween/Autumn decor ideas...

{images via Pottery Barn Kids}

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  1. I wouldn't be able to make one of those things before Halloween. You really are ambitious. I do hope your children get well soon. Diane


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