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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Avia Triathlon 2011

I could not be more proud of my husband today.  Today, he completed his first sprint triathlon.  A few months ago, he completed Austin's Capitol Texas First Tri.  It is a triathlon for first timers, so the distance is just a bit shorter.  In today triathlon, he swam 700 meters, rode approximately 16 miles on his bike, then ran a 5K (a little more than 3 miles).

My mom watched the twins so that I could more easily navigate the spectator sport with Merrick.  Here are a couple of pics from the big race:

Daddy and Merrick before the race begins

I love this pic.  Out of his entire age group, Marcos was the only one that turned around and waved to his family.  I love how aware of us he was.  I know it made him so proud to have his son and wife see him accomplish something so great.  If you watch the video (below), you'll see him wave to us again as he gets in to the water.  It melts my heart.

Merrick was so funny.  As soon as Marcos got into the water, Merrick turned to me and said, "Mommy, can we go home now?"  :)  We made the sign above several days prior.  On the right side of the word Daddy (which Merrick traced), Merrick insisted that I draw a picture of our entire family.  The stick figure of Merrick (yes, I'm an awesome stick figure artist) has a mo-hawk and is giving a karate kick.  He loved that.

It was awesome watching the race take place with downtown Austin as the backdrop.  And, what a beautiful day!  The temp was in the low 90's, which was a miracle considering we've had record breaking triple digit weather up until this very day.

While we were waiting to see Marcos ride by on his bike, Merrick sat on the bridge and held on to the rail.  At one point he said, "Mommy, this is my favorite part."  (We often ask him at the dinner table what his favorite part of the day was.)  :)

Sadly, we missed seeing Marcos ride his bike.  I thought I saw him...several times.  I yelled, "Gooooo Marcos!!!!" really, really loudly as this one dude rode by.  I even videotaped him.  It wasn't until we got home and I showed Marcos the video of him that he said, "That's not me."  

Here's a picture of the warrior man and his very proud family.

Marcos was very blessed to have Corbin, a great friend and neighbor, as a training buddy over the summer.  I love this pic of them.  They are both on top of the world with the greatest city in the world behind them.

I am so very proud of Marcos.  I am not just proud of the fact that he completed the triathlon, but also for how he went about training for it.  He was up almost every morning this summer at 5:45am to get into the lake for a swim or to go for a ride/run.  He is so disciplined and focused.  He is such an inspiration. 

After Marcos got home that afternoon and took a shower, he went out to help with the wildfire that has burned down many houses nearby.  He has been so concerned about the families affected by the fires.  

Am I married to a hero or what?!?


  1. Love this story, Leslie. Thanks for sharing with us! Ramona

  2. You guys are just so gorgeous!

  3. Leslie,
    The video was really great! Was the guy on the bike who waved Marcos or was it the other guy just being friendly?


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