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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Halloween House - Part 1

I have been having such a blast this month preparing for Halloween.  Some of you (perhaps two of my three readers) may recall my Homemade Halloween Hope List over here.  I thought I'd give you a little update on how I've been doing...

Very simple painted white letters.

A spider pillow cover I made with some left over Halloween fabric.

Merrick acting terrified for the camera.

My homemade decals...which didn't turn out so well.

A yummy non-decor project: Mummy Pretzel sticks!  Find the recipe here.  I changed the chocolate to white almond bark and the eyes to red hots.

Martha Stewart Hang-Ups.  Find the how-to here.  I was going to make several of these, but they take too stinkin' long!

 A pic of the hang-up as my Halloween "wreath."

My disappointing banner!  I made it too long for the hearth!  An update on this is forthcoming as I can not stand leave it as is!

And, finally, I made my Lil' Pumpkin a little pumpkin pillowcase dress.

Happy Almost-Halloween!!!


  1. What cute decorations! I saw you enjoyed the witch door decorations on tatertots too! Your decorations are great too. happy halloween!

  2. You are totally amazing! When do you sleep? Dee Dee

  3. Thanks, Monica! And I love the decor on the front of your house! I am totally going to have to do that on the left side of my porch. I have a huge spider web on the right and have been looking for something simple yet spooky to balance it out. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love you now more than I did before! People who get into Halloween are the best. Those mummy sticks - ha, so cute! :) xo

  5. Thanks Leslie! Can't wait to see how your porch looks too!!


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