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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Do a Daddy Push-Up

How to burn a few extra calories in the Esparza household:

Step 1: When attempting a push-up, add a 34 pound child to your back.

Step 2: Not enough?  Add another 40ish pound 5 year old.

Step 3:  If you are a total hoss, add another 30ish pound 2 year old.

Step 4:  Attempt to raise yourself (and the extra load) a few inches off the ground.  "Uncool" points are given for every child that falls off and knocks himself unconscious on the tile floor.

Step 5:  Feel free to modify your push-up to the "lady's version" if needed.  There's no shame in that (you wimp).  

Step 6:  If you are a real man (see model), you will raise yourself and the extra 100 pounds completely off the floor.  Now...repeat 20 times (hahaha).

If everyone is smiling (and alive and conscious) at the end of the push-up, you have earned the

"Complete Stud of a Daddy Award"

Now, moving onto abs...

I love my studly Baby Daddy.  :)

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