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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Knuckle Bump

Dear Sawyer,

I have to share with you the sweetest thing you just did.  It is almost 10pm.  I went into your bedroom to check on you and your sister before going to bed myself.  When I walked in, I heard you make a little noise in your crib.  When I walked over, your little eyes were barely open, but you had the biggest smile on your face.  I could see your sweet face by the light of the hallway coming into your room.  When you saw me, you put your arm through the bars of your crib in order to give me a knuckle bump.  I about died.

After I gave you the first knuckle bump, you put both arms out in front of you.  I thought for a moment that you wanted me to pick you up.  You were still smiling like crazy.  Then, I realized that you had both arms out and were wanting two more knuckles bumps.  You are the knuckle bump king.

You just melt my heart, little man.

I love you like crazy.
(or, as you so enthusiastically call me sometimes, "Daddy!")

PS - This is how you eat a cupcake...no hands!

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