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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Her Crowning Glory

Scoutie Girl's crown is finished!  Here are a few pics of the twins wearing their crowns today.  Amazingly, they both kept them on for quite a while.  Sure, I may have pinned their arms to their side while placing the crown on their heads.  All the same, the crowns stayed on!

I'm the king of the world!  Big change from the last time he put this crown on...

In front of their newborn pics...hard to believe it's a year later...

The best compliment ever was when their big brother asked me to make him a crown as well.  Originally, I was planning on making him his own red/black/white crown for his race car birthday party (one week after the twins' party).  Now, I think I might actually make him a turquoise one to wear to the twins' party as well.  

For the list of tutorials on how to make this crown, see my post here.  They are super simple to make!

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