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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jesus Loves Poo, This I Know

Merrick is in time out.  I just carried him like a sack of potatoes into the time out area for kicking his brother.  While he's taking a few mintues to reflect (loudly), I thought I'd quickly jot down a few funny thoughts about my ever changing whirlwind of a toddler:

 - This morning, when he was wearing a hanger on his head for a hat, I told him, "Merrick, you're silly."  "Thank you," he said with a serious face.  It was* such a compliment to him. 

 - Merrick has started showing signs of understanding who God is.  Two nights ago, Merrick and I raised the blinds of the playroom window, turned out the lights, and watched the lightening light up the sky over and over.  "It's just like Jesus!" he said, all on his own.  No prompting from me.  He went on, "And Jesus is in our hearts."  I was speechless.

 - Speaking of Jesus, Merrick's new favorite word is poop.  He fits it into every single conversation.  Somehow.  Someway.  Last night, as we were singing "Jesus loves me" to the twins at bed time, Merrick substituted his favorite word in to turn the beloved Christian classic into "Jesus loves poo."  

More Merrick madness to come after a much needed nap time.  

*By the way, Merrick was "released" from time out at this point of my writing.  He is now sitting on my lap saying, "poop, poopie, poop," and laughing.    


  1. LOL - he is a funny one! Let's hope he doesn't learn the other words for poop any time soon :) I see you've been selling your onesies like hotcakes on Etsy! Congrats girl :) xo

  2. Ha! That is so funny, and what a cutie he is. I love his name!

  3. I love the bubbles fro!! I hope my future children have photos like that.


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