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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scout's Itty Bitty Dress

When I found out I was having a little girl, I immediately set out to crocheting and sewing little dresses.  I love my little boys, but I was just so thrilled to find out that I would have at least one child that wouldn't pee on my walls.  

This past weekend, it was finally warm enough here in Texas to put one of my favorite dresses on Scoutie Girl.  It's so strange to see her wearing a dress that I made for her while she was in my belly.    It's crazy how much of my heart is in that itty bitty dress for that very reason.  

Here are a few pics!

For those sewing mamas out there, I used the itty bitty dress pattern by Rae.  It's a free pattern and great for beginning sewers.  

You are beautiful, Scoutie Girl!


  1. absolutely gorgeous! the dress is really pretty, too ;) this was a lovely post.

  2. This dress is GORGEOUS! I just might have to make one for my Scoutie! :) I love to sew, but haven't done anything for a while so I am not sure if I'd know what I am doing anymore!

    I love following your blog as well! :)


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