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Monday, March 8, 2010

When Two Makes a Difference

I just shared an incredibly special moment with the twins.  After their morning nap, I scooped them both out of their cribs and the three of us rocked together in the spit up covered, green suede rocker in their nursery.  Even though it is almost 11 am, we were all still in our pjs and it was a bit dark and totally quiet in the room.  Each twin laid his/her head on one of my shoulders and started sucking his/her thumb.  I took turns laying my cheek against one baby's noggin while kissing the head of the other baby.

There are times, like this morning, when having two babies really does make a difference.  There are special times when I see them connect that are unlike any thing else.  Like, for example, when I nurse the two at the same time and they hold hands.  Or, the more common alternative, when I'm tandem nursing and one twin puts the other in a head lock with his legs.  At Christmas, it was so awesome to watch them open their first Christmas gifts together and then, ignoring the gift, sit together and chew on opposite sides of the same piece of wrapping paper.  I love watching Scout, our twin girl, pull herself up into a standing position while holding onto a chair and then watching Sawyer, her twin brother, pull himself into standing holding onto her.   Then, of course, there is the side of me (the side that is just plain wrong) that thinks it's hilarious to put two 6 month old twins in a crib with one pacifier and watch them duke it out.

I am so blessed.

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  1. You're so wonderful! I loved reading this, I just spent LOTS of time stalking you via your blog and...yep, I still love ya!


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